James Rosenegk

James has been called “The Ten Million Dollar Man” because he’s led massive organisation-wide change programmes and achieved multiple million dollar savings for his clients (we can’t tell you exactly how much because of client confidentiality – but it is multiples of $10M!)

Prior to his consulting work he was Director of Quality and Global Master Black Belt at Motorola where he led the Six Sigma programme for an organisation of 11000 people, maintaining its momentum and keeping sharp focus on its outcomes and results.

James says, “Real results only come from real engagement and true focus on customers and their needs. Any programme or initiative without Senior Leader engagement and without true customer focus is a waste of money. My clients want real results!”
He believes that value doesn’t come just from doing things right; “value comes from understanding what your customers want, how your organisation delivers that today and then doing the right things right. If that’s not your focus then you’re wasting your time and money; any incremental gains will be insignificant compared to what you could be achieving.”

James trains, coaches and mentors leaders and organisations to build and sustain a culture of exemplary leadership, effective change and continuous improvement. He doesn’t “do” projects; he works with his clients to engage their people, bespoke their change efforts and ensure maximum return on investment.