Clinical Leadership Programme Proposal


General Overview

You are interested in a Clinical Leadership Programme for 20 participants, potentially starting in early 2017. This proposal follows a conversation between Alastair Olby of Leading Beyond, Dr Jo Leahy of Telford and Wrekin CCG and Laura Rogers of North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust.

Participants are likely to be leads from Care Hubs, with the majority being GPs. With our other current Clinical Leadership Programme cohorts also including psychiatrists, consultants and service managers, we have plenty of experience working with diverse groups should the need arise.

You are interested in running a similar programme to the one we run with Telford and Wrekin CCG, albeit with some tweaks. In particular you would like a focus on OD and Change elements in the programme. As discussed, this is certainly something we can add to the programme.

We also discussed the distribution of training days, and the challenge of running half-day sessions in terms of participant attention. In an ideal world some of the modules would run for 2 days back-to-back as our experience shows participants benefit more from this. Of course ultimately we have to be pragmatic and do what works within the system, and we'll take a steer from you on this. With HEWM and Telford and Wrekin cohorts we've found that as long as we stipulate the dates at the time of application, and make attendance on all dates mandatory, people have been able to create the time to attend 2-day modules, the exception being where a CQC inspection has been scheduled after acceptance of a place on the programme.

“This has been simply the best course I have been to so far – don’t miss it!” Participant comment 2015

Proposed Approach

Theoretical Underpinnings

We recommend basing the programme on Kouzes and Posner's research into Leadership. It's the most robust body of research we've come across, and time and time again, it proves to help bring about very positive shifts in the way participants lead.

Their 5 Practices of Transformational Leaders are:

There's a great deal of flexibility in the content, dependent on needs, but as we discussed, typical areas we cover include:

We always like to tailor our programmes to the needs of the client and participants, so would want to further customise the detail of the programme prior to moving to the delivery phase. For example, where you use particular models for areas such as service improvement, it makes sense to use what's being used in the Trust. Likewise for project management methodology.

What do participants say?

"The programme has been inspirational and transformational, allowing me to explore my innate leadership skills in a safe but challenging environment and then develop them in a tangible way. This has had considerable impact on my work as a clinician, educator and manager as I have been much more receptive to others, and have been able to support them with objective benefits. The support offered by the group members and leaders has been exceptional.”
“Don’t hesitate, just do it. Even if you’re a sceptic, you’ll amaze yourself with what you’ll learn and how you feel.   A most positive learning experience.”
“Delightful! Inspiring! Make the most of this experience – it will change you regardless – but the more you put in, the greater the impact.”



We begin by making sure the programme fits with your context, and the needs of your people.


We encourage an application process in order to select the most appropriate participants. In particular they need to demonstrate a desire to develop as a leader both in theoretical knowledge and practical application for the good of their region, team and the communities they serve.

They also need sponsorship from their organisation to ensure they receive the support needed to help free up the time to attend the programme. You can find an example of one of our online application forms here. These are easily customised to specific requirements.


We firmly believe that a substantial part of being a great leader is self-awareness. To this end, we encourage using 360-degree surveys. Prior to the programme, 360-degree feedback can be collected using a web-based questionnaire. We provide you with a detailed personal profile, based on the responses from the people who know you best.


We explore best practice in transformational leadership in brain friendly learning format leaving the rest of the time for activities designed to help participants integrate and apply the learning in their unique context.   We’ll recommend activities and strategies depending on their specific personal development plans, and arising from 360-degree feedback results. Ideally the programme would run with the same distribution of days as the Telford and Wrekin programme as it yields great results.


During the programme application process and first module, we encourage you to identify a project that would benefit both yourself and the Trust. By working on such projects you can truly embed the learning and achieve measurable results for your Trust. As you've mentioned, there is also the possibility of associating these with the STP.


We use Action Learning Sets as an integral part of the programme. This is where participants will explore and resolve the challenges of today and tomorrow with a small group of their peers, based in a similar geographic region, to facilitate meeting up.


Between modules we assign resources to read and watch to help support individuals' specific learning requirements.


We incorporate coaching as an integral part of the programme. This is a great opportunity for participants to improve their coaching skills whilst also working on the issues that matter to you most in a confidential, supportive yet challenging coaching environment with a peer. Where budget allows there is also the option for coaching from us.


The internet can help enormously with support. We suggest using the platform that works best for the participants: for many in the past this has been via creating a closed Facebook group, or WhatsApp group.


Programme set up, design and delivery of 8-day programme, with 20 x 360-degree feedback, course manuals, facilitator travel and hotel where required.


Venue hire: Yarnfield Conference Centre, 20 participants with lunch, refreshments, WiFi and free parking.


Total programme cost:


* VAT on facilitation is not charged because Leading Beyond is registered in Switzerland. Only programmes delivered in Switzerland are subject to VAT.

** This figure includes VAT, and is here for illustration purposes. Typically it is easiest for the venue to make their contract direct with the Trust or CCG as this avoids complex challenges with currency exchange rates and VAT laws.

“If you are willing to commit time and energy, willing to engage with others and willing to apply your new skills, you might find you can change the world around you!”
“I can’t believe how much I’ve changed and discovered myself. I now believe that I can be a leader, and I have had great outcomes at work and at home through the programme.”


We're here to accelerate the growth and contribution of leaders and change agents whose focus is on improving life for their communities, their customers and their employees. 

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from areas such as culture change, leadership development, systems thinking, behavioural science and continuous improvement all wrapped up in a unique brain friendly approach. We’re all experienced coaches, trainers and facilitators who love what we do.

We have close associations with Keele University, neuroscientists at Reading University, and professional organisations like the International Association of Facilitators, plus of course a whole host of clients who are at the leading edge of what they do.

What makes us tick is working with organisations and individuals who make a positive difference, whose focus is on improving life for their customers, employees and the communities they serve.

We've been running Leadership Development Programmes with the NHS since 2009, and helping up-skill NHS trainers since 2007.


Alastair Olby

The founder of Leading Beyond, Alastair specialises in culture change in organisations. With experience working with a wide variety of Blue Chip, United Nations and other public organisations, he develops leaders and change agents using tailored diagnostics and development programmes.

Passionate about developing facilitators and coaches in businesses to support change internally, Alastair also spends time supporting worthy causes.

Dr Jo Leahy

Jo is a practising GP as well as Chair for Telford & Wrekin CCG. She participated in the 1st cohort of the Telford & Wrekin Leadership Experience and is a keen disciple of leadership.

Jo is a great believer in the importance of doctors taking leadership in the NHS, which has become more important than ever before since the reorganisation of the NHS.

Jo has previously facilitated leadership workshops for GPs and Psychiatrists, as well as Mentoring Skills workshops for GPs locally.

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