Working Together

Our focus is always on creating the experience needed to bring about the outcomes you want, whether working remotely, face to face, or in a blended way.

With a deep understanding of complex adaptive systems, along with how people learn, we’ll work with you to create a solution that’s right for your people, and right for your organisation.

Over the past 16 years we’ve had the good fortune to work alongside some of the world’s leading minds in change, leadership, facilitation, coaching and learning. This results in approaches grounded in substance – the content we explore – inter-twined with a rich learning experience. 

The thing clients tend to be most interested in is whether changes will be long lasting. We now know that for learning to stand the best chance of ‘sticking,’ time needs to be spent on what happens before any event, and what happens after it. Pre-event we aim to achieve two main things: 

Post-event our activities help make sure the learning is recalled at key times, and most importantly of all, applied in the workplace. This helps to maximise the transfer of learning back to work, bringing about the changes you’re looking for.

We work with clients who value us:

At Leading Beyond we’re all experienced consultants, coaches, trainers and facilitators who love what we do. We are our best example of putting what we know into practice, and in choosing us you can be confident that you’re getting the most appropriate approach, given your desired outcomes, paired with delivery that engages and inspires.

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