Leading Change

Leading change in these uncertain times is hard.

We can help.

How Clear is your strategy
For Rebound?

Do you have specific rebound teams?

How closely are you following disruption indicators?

What Scenarios have you planned for?

How do you know which Scenario is emerging?

How well does your culture support strategy implementation?

How are you co-ordinating implementation?

These are some of the questions our clients are dealing with now

Build your COVID-19 Rebound Plan

There's lots to do following COVID-19, with opportunities to grasp and calamities to avoid. In our experience supporting organisations dealing with the current situation, there are 4 main areas to focus on:


Agree on How to Bring your Values To Life

In tough times, values come to the fore, shaping our attitudes and behaviours. So right now, it's important for you to discuss at a senior level:

How are you bringing your organisation's values to life right now?

How are you currently NOT living your values?

How do you want to be remembered by your people and customers, in terms of how you dealt with the pandemic?

Your answers serve to shape decision making as the new normal evolves.


Scenario Planning

Plan for 3 possible economic scenarios:

  • A fast rebound, with strong growth
  • A slow rebound, with slow growth
  • A prolonged downturn

You'll need to create a scenario team to do this.


Track Business Disruption Indicators

Your scenario team now need to create a map of indicators, tracking things like:

  • Public health indicators, such as the R value, infection levels and geographic hot spots
  • Macro-economic indicators
  • Industry sector indicators
  • Specific KPIs


Your Rebound Team

Creating a rebound team with sub-teams will help you adapt swiftly to whatever scenario is emerging. We recommend you create:

  • An overall rebound team, responsible for monitoring all aspects of the organisation's rebound
  • Financial security sub-team
  • Scenario sub-team, responsible for tracking your disruption indicators, and options for the different possible scenarios
  • Business performance improvement sub-team, responsible for identifying what KPIs to improve that have a positive impact on cash flow in particular. This team can also facilitate improvement sprints, find ways to improve customer experience, and explore new possible solutions that meet untapped needs in the new normal.
  • Remote working sub-team, responsible for training and supporting people who are now working remotely.

Need some help with all this?

Our experience facilitating, coaching and developing leaders and teams to lead change could be invaluable for you.

Book a call to discuss how we can support your business.

Tell us a bit about your business, its context and current challenges, and we'll explore ways that will help during this challenging time. Whether or not we work together in the future, you'll get some useful food for thought!

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