Clinical and Medical Leadership 

What impact has the programme had?

Really has embedded the Leadership ethos into my daily working practice as it was highly and easily transferable into the work setting, and easily explainable to motivate and
empower the team.

What impact has the programme had?

The programme has been inspirational and transformational, allowing me to explore my innate leadership skills in a safe but challenging environment and then develop them in a tangible way. This has had considerable impact on my work as a clinician, educator and manager.

What impact has the programme had?

Astonishing insight into a world that most clinicians have little insight into.
Better self awareness.
A better understanding of team dynamics and useful techniques to enable others to achieve.

What impact has the programme had?

Given a completely new perspective to me being a clinician with leading responsibilities and qualities.

Your short message to a future participant:

This programme is an exciting self exploring journey that is delightfully interactive and positively uplifting!! Beware.. This programme will change you for the good.. Please join and feel
the “awakening of the Force within you”!!!

Your short message to a future participant:

Simply the best programme I've been to so far. Don't miss it!

Your short message to a future participant:

A fantastic programme that does more than it says on the tin. Not only is the course content
useful and at times eye opening, but the excellent facilitation, coaching, mentoring and
the group participation raise this into the beyond.

Why Clinical Leadership?  Why Now?

The current challenges facing the NHS (and indeed many other Health Service Providers worldwide) are clear: demand and expectations are increasing at a time when funding is getting ever more difficult to obtain; the service is now having to play catch up after 2 years of Covid-19; a huge swathe of experienced doctors are on the verge of retiring and new intake is unlikely to keep pace with vacancies, particularly in rural areas. It's not a particularly rosy picture.

It's at times like this that leadership is most important. Developing leaders to rise to the challenge and find ways of moving forwards, despite what seems to be a bleak picture, is key. Where there is no vision, the people perish. Where people are weighed down by ever-increasing bureaucracy, they flounder. It takes an excellent leader to keep people focussed on how they can make a positive difference, how they can challenge what doesn't make sense and ultimately leave a legacy for future generations whilst still providing for those in need right now.


Our award winning Clinical and Medical Leadership Programme can be tailored to specific requirements. Here's an example format that works well for many of our clients:


We provide the Leadership, Quality Improvement, Coaching, Supervising and Mentoring elements of the Fellowship Programme in several regions, with an innovative approach that makes leadership development accessible to busy new GPs all working different schedules.

Please contact us for more details.

Programme Focus

The main focus of the programme is on developing the participants as leaders. It’s not about management, or the typical day-to-day practices which go with managing and keeping abreast of corporate strategies and procedures. Rather it's about an inner exploration, which as you develop enables you to learn at a deeper level, successfully tackle current and future challenges, and enact so many of the typical tasks leaders face with newfound ease.

When asked, “How does it differ from other courses or programmes you’ve been on?” this is what participants have said:

Completely different – more engaging, practical and life changing.

This programme is by far the most comfortable and applicable. The opportunities to test ideas and feelings in a safe environment were wonderful.

Completely different approach. Much more supportive, nurturing learning environment.

No comparison!

The programme also focusses on developing a local leadership community, so you can continue to learn and grow as a leader once the programme finished. After all, developing as a leader is an on-going journey, and the more you can build your network, the more opportunities you have to continue to grow.

Don’t hesitate, just do it. Even if you’re a skeptic, you’ll amaze yourself with what you’ll learn and how you feel. A most positive learning experience.

Inspiring! Very much a learner led experience. I have watched myself and the rest of the group grow over the last few learning events.

If you get the opportunity to do this – embrace it. It will be one of the most rewarding ways of spending time that you will ever find.

Applicable to all aspects of my work, not specific to just one situation; flexible and driven by learner needs.

Find out more

To find out more about this programme and how we could tailor it to your context, please contact us. We're also always happy to put you in touch with clients and participants should you want to find out more first hand.