Deeper understanding of our minds = competitive advantage in today’s world.
Our clients say this is making a world of difference to everything they do.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, we are offering free support for healthcare workers over the phone on both 1:1 and group calls. If you're a healthcare worker being affected and need someone neutral to talk things over with, feel free to contact us to set up a call. We'll do all we can to be of help.
We're experts in listening deeply, supporting people during periods of uncertainty and worry, and helping you feel grounded despite all that's going on around us.

If you want to improve your organisation's performance and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges with the full engagement of your people, read on. We specialise in working with clients who want to help their people engage with needed change, particularly where change is linked to improving customer experience, creating a culture of operational excellence and at the same time building your talent pipeline.

In our experience, deeper understanding of how our minds work creates clear competitive advantage, yet most people, and indeed organisations, are looking in the wrong direction when it comes to bringing about the changes they want.

Our work involves assessing your business and then creating tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals. Much of what we do involves developing leaders, building internal capability to bring about change, and transforming work place cultures. Cutting edge methodologies based in neuroscience, along with a brain-friendly approach result in us helping people learn and take action in ways that often challenge conventional thinking: ways that are refreshingly different and that help fast track progress so you get the benefits more quickly and enjoyably.

More worthwhile, more professional, more effective.

Clients include a wide range of private, public and international organisations, both big and small, with the common denominator between them being that they all want to achieve lasting benefit from the work they do with us, whilst enjoying the journey. We have 16 years' experience working with all manner of groups, from front line to executive level, from one-to-one coaching to conferences of 500 plus.



What makes us tick is working with organisations and individuals who make a positive difference, whose focus is on improving life for their customers, employees and the communities they serve.

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Gang fights, Bridges and Beer

What have gang fights, bridges and beer have in common? Read on and find out #OpenYourWorld

Habitual Power

Habit is the breakfast of champions, but also the undoing of us when we unconsciously get sucked into less than useful habits. So where’s your focus (consciously and unconsciously)? How about the company where you work? What patterns do you notice? Are you a habitually busy person, rarely able to find time to do the important things you know you should? Do you get sucked into the busy-ness of others?
Customer Experience

What an Experience

How's the customer experience with your company? How easy is it for them to do business with you? How do you most want your customers to feel while doing business with you? Anxious, uncertain, annoyed, frustrated? We guess that’d be a no. Yet there are still so many businesses that continue to generate these feelings in their customers.
Inside Out

The Ultimate Accountability Model

We’d like to suggest that the key to solving the angst about migration is to point people to the source of their experience. When countries and individuals realise that their anti-refugee stance is not caused by things that happen on the outside that they may feel a victim of, but by what’s going on with their thinking, then there’s hope.
Customer Experience

What Gets Measured Gets Experienced

You’ve no doubt heard the expression ‘What gets measured gets done’, an adage which seems to hold true because the things we’re measured against typically drive our focus and behaviour. We’d like to offer a slight - but important - adaptation of this: what gets measured gets experienced. Bear with me on this: I’m not sure if it holds true all the time, and I’m sharing something here that’s still in its formative stages. However, as customer experience is becoming more and more of a differentiator amongst businesses I think it’s well worthwhile trying this modified mantra on for size.
Customer Experience

Small Words, Big Impact

Changing small words can have a big impact on outcomes. Discover some of the helpful recent findings from the world of Conversational Analysis, particularly applicable in the worlds of customer experience, negotiating, sales and general consulations.


We're delighted to announce that Health Education West Midlands have awarded our Clinical and Medical Leadership Programme with their Gold Award for quality. The relevance of the course and academic rigour underpinning it was particularly commended by the Panel as was the impact of the programme on participants.

OUr Approach:

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This is definitely the best course I have attended in my 15 years with my company.
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"I can't believe how much I've changed. I CAN be a leader, and I've had great outcomes at work and home as a result of the programme. Thank you!"

"A course not to be missed for any leader/leadership role. Inspiring!"

"Best course and most enjoyable I have ever had the pleasure to attend. Wow! Didn’t know my brain could hold so much information!!”

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