Most of our clients are:

Passionate about what they do, but...

Their people may be change weary, they may well have recently come through a restructure...

Then COVID-19, overlaid with a context where underlying racism in society continues to play out.

Many of their teams may be adjusting to working from home,

They're having to adjust in a rapidly changing environment.

Many of their people are passionate about what they do, times are exciting, there are lots of opportunities, and...

Change can feel like hard work.

You need to work smarter, to find effective ways to implement change and to lead teams, often remotely.

Leaving things the way they are won't help you cope long-term with the opportunities that are coming.

About Us

we always aim to do great work

but at times we home school!

Let's face it, times have been easier in the past, and so many people are now facing multiple challenges: juggling home schooling and pets with conference calls, supporting at-risk relatives, uncertainty about future work, and helping friends through tough times, to name just a few during this COVID-19 period. Adding to the mix, true human connection doesn't quite work across screens in the way it does when we meet in person, and meetings, along with learning and development work, all too easily become two-dimensional processes experienced through screens. Which isn't great.

We create powerful learning experiences that help our clients achieve their outcomes, using a blend of leadership psychology, neuroscience, friendly learning, cross-cultural understanding and team dynamics. We do this either remotely, in person or a blend of both. We've quickly adapted to working in this COVID-19 era, and have recently hosted a week-long conference for trainers, facilitators and team leaders on bringing brain-friendly learning to life online, attended by specialist Learning and Development professionals from across the globe.

All our work is tailored to our clients' specific contexts, so it's 100% relevant to you and your people. You can be sure your experience with us will fit your organisation.

We have close associations with Keele University, neuroscientists at Reading University, and professional organisations like the International Association of Facilitators, plus of course a whole host of clients who are at the leading edge of what they do.

We have a wide range of clients from both private and public sectors, and if you’d like to talk to people who’ve worked with us, we’d be delighted to put you in touch.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Work with organisations whose focus is on improving life for their customers, employees, and the communities they serve.
  • Stage impactful learning experiences, both at distance and in person - or a blend of both.
  • Create the conditions for change to flourish and blossom.
  • Accelerate the growth and contribution of leaders and change influencers.
  • Create value through difference.
  • Help people lead wonderful lives.
  • Are experts in hi-tech virtual solutions.
  • Run rich, virtual conferences for very large numbers.

Meet the Team

Alastair Olby

The founder of Leading Beyond, Alastair specialises in leading change in organisations.

With experience working with a wide variety of Blue Chip, United Nations and other public organisations, he works with clients to improve how they lead change, using tailored diagnostics and development programmes.

Passionate about developing facilitators and coaches in businesses to support change internally, Alastair also spends time supporting worthy causes.

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A headshot of Graham Shaw.

Graham Shaw

Graham is an international conference presenter and trainer. He specialises in advanced communication skills and has helped thousands of people to develop the professional skills required to make convincing presentations, both in person and virtually. 

Many directors and managers required to make important speeches and conference presentations have benefited from Graham’s coaching.  He helps people to develop their skills in the areas of influencing, coaching, training and facilitating. In particular he coaches people to enhance their personal presence and impact in talks and conference presentations.

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Some of the companies we work with

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