High Performing Distributed Working

With a predicted 50% of employees now moving to remote working (Gartner 2020), don't let your Orgnisational Health slip!

The global pandemic has accelerated the move to remote working, with a report by Gartner predicting a move from 30% to 50% of employees working remotely during 2020. A trend which looks set to stay.

Right now many organisations are at risk of seeing their organisational health slip a notch or two. How you maximise productivity, employee morale and retention, and minimise internal politics and conflict is critical to your organisation's performance. You can have the best qualified people in the world, but with poor organisational health, they'll never do very well.

To adapt successfully, most organisations need to work consciously on their culture for distributed and hybrid working: failing to do so sees culture quickly morph, and not necessarily in a good way. This needs attention, focus and energy to get right. To get the benefits long-term from distributed and hybrid models, you need your organisational health to stay strong, and your people operating at their best, for them to be 'in flow'.

Creating Long-Term High Performance in Distributed Organisations

If you're looking to create long-term competitive advantage through distributed working, we can help. With 34 years' experience in the field, we draw on extensive, global experience working both with teams situated in the same region, and those spanning cultures and timezones.

Our experience and research has resulted in our proven model for distributed organisations and teams. We call it:


We can help

We partner with organisations, teams, and leaders to smooth the way when working in a distributed way, and build the foundations for long-term high performance.

The best place to start is with our Distributability diagnostic, which shows you the areas to focus on for long-term improvements.

Typical areas leaders then choose to work on with us include:

  • Creating a culture that supports distributed working long-term
  • How to build outstanding virtual collaboration when apart.
  • Staying productive and effective despite all the uncertainty.
  • Meeting psychological needs.
  • Create long-term remote team cohesion: everyone holding each other accountable and achieving collective results.
  • Build ongoing remote team alignment.
  • Manage asynchronous work.
  • Hold excellent virtual meetings.
  • Integrate new team members smoothly.
  • Present with Punch, Presence and Power, remotely.
  • Give team members fantastic quality of life.

1:1 Coaching

Working 1:1 with a leader, we tailor our approach to help you achieve your outcomes.

Typically this involves a series of calls, interspersed with actions to take with the team, and multimedia learning to complete at times that suit you.

Team Remote Workshops

Working with a team and their leader, typically on a specific project, for example the transition to remote working, or simply something the team are working on right now.

We are always focussed on making sure all we do is founded in THEIR work - that it's real for them, and that they can use the skills learned again and again.

Dedicated Programme for your Organisation

We run remote or in-situ workshops for Executive Teams, HR Teams and groups of  Leaders who want to learn how to create a high performing distributed work culture in the long-term.

Contact us for more information: we always tailor this programme to specific needs to make sure it's 100% right for you and your leaders.

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