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Our clients know that to get the best from their people, they need to equip them well. We deliver a wide range of tailored solutions, and whilst we can offer ‘off the shelf’ products, the vast majority of our clients appreciate the importance of tailoring to their context.

To give you a flavour of the sort of solutions we offer, below you'll find a range of programmes and courses commonly requested by clients.

Facilitation Skills

Whether your people are completely new to facilitation or are seasoned veterans who still want to improve, we have something to suit. As a preferred provider for facilitation training to several blue chip companies, we bespoke our solutions quickly to specific needs and contexts. Our facilitation programmes also frequently form part of culture change programmes because our clients find good facilitation adds massive value here.

This has been the most eye opening, educational, interesting and fun course full stop. The two Leading Beyond courses I’ve been on have been the best and most worthwhile I have attended in my career. Confidence building.


We have a global reputation for developing Transformational Leaders: leaders who engage, inspire and take their people somewhere different and better. Who are able to motivate people to give their all for a shared cause. Our tailored, blended programmes are life-altering, encouraging leaders to step up to a point where there’s no going back.

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Delightful! Empowering! Make the most of this experience – it will change you regardless – but the more you put in, the greater the impact.


We run a variety of coaching skills programmes and courses, all aimed at developing the skill of developing others. These often form a part of our leadership development and culture change programmes as excellent coaching in the workplace typically helps bring about outstanding outcomes.

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I am so grateful for the learning I’ve had on this coaching programme. I can honestly say that the times when I’m using the skills I learned are the highpoint of my days, and I look forward to every opportunity I can make to use them. It has made a huge difference – thank you!

High Performing Teams

Do you need to equip your teams to navigate their way to high performance in changing times? We have extensive experience working with teams who need to pull together and achieve extraordinary outcomes: teams that support and challenge one another, drawing on individual strengths whilst aiming for a shared goal. For high performance to be self-sustaining, we think it’s important to help teams learn how to function effectively without external help so that long after we’ve gone the effects carry on.

Train the Trainer

Want to turbo-charge your trainers, improve transfer of learning to the workplace and increase the credibility of learning and development in your organisation? Or maybe you’d like to equip your trainers to deliver our solutions? Either way, we quickly bespoke high energy, memorable train the trainer events to meet your outcomes, drawing on brain friendly learning methodology. Transform your training – and the outcomes you achieve – with our brain friendly approach.

Courageous, Constructive Conversations

Most managers and leaders have to have courageous conversations with people at times, yet many avoid these as the stakes are high and the risk of it all going wrong is very real. Courageous, constructive conversations equips you with the frameworks, tools, mindset and attitude to navigate these challenging conversations successfully, and is a must-have skill set for managers and leaders in the 21st century.

Presenting Powerfully

Successfully getting your message across and achieving the outcomes of your presentation is an essential skill in today’s world of work. We have a range of solutions to help you get what you want from the presentations you deliver, including stand-alone workshops and 1:1 coaching. We specialise in helping engineers, scientists and other subject matter experts communicate their ideas to people who don’t share their specialist backgrounds.

Working across Cultures

More and more organisations we work with are facing the extra dimension of working across cultures, along with the delights and challenges this brings. We’ve helped clients such as Motorola Solutions, Merlin Entertainments, Compass Group and Converteam get improved results when working cross-culturally, and can quickly tailor programmes to your specific needs. Ultimately we aim to help you get BETTER outcomes from working in a multi-cultural context, making the most of the different values, beliefs and behaviours different cultures bring.

Inclusion and Diversity

Yes, you read that right – inclusion and diversity. Why that way round? Well in our experience, if organisations can’t be inclusive with the people they already have, they’ll struggle to become more diverse in the long-term. They’ll also tend to suck the difference out of people who bring differing strengths, with everyone tending to a group norm in order to fit in – which negates the value of increasing diversity. We’ve worked with several blue chip organisations to help them become more diverse, and are proud that one of our clients, EDF Energy, was the first in their sector to achieve Gold Standard in Diversity and Inclusion.

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