High Performing Remote Teams

Working Remotely brings New Challenges

With a predicted 50% of employees now moving to remote working (Gartner 2020), don't let your Orgnisational Health slip!

The gobal pandemic has accelerated the move to remote working, with a report by Gartner predicting a move from 30% to 50% of employees working remotely during 2020. A trend which looks set to stay.

Right now many organisations are at risk of seeing their organisational health slip a notch or two. How you maximise productivity, employee morale and retention, and minimise internal politics and conflict is critical to your organisation's performance. You can have the best qualified people in the world, but with poor organisational health, they'll never do very well.

With the pandemic, so many people were suddenly forced to work from home, and everyone has had to do all they can to make do. The feedback we're getting from many clients is that while the effort has been fantastic, for some it's unsustainable in the long-term. People who are used to working face to face with colleagues in a team are missing the personal contact, and finding it hard to juggle everything (particularly with kids at home). The quality of informal communication takes a hit, and this impacts on morale and productivity. Pyschological needs go unmet.

Many have had to take on additional roles to cover for other team members, or because the nature of their work is morphing as their company seeks ways to overcome a steep downturn, and potentially move into new markets.

To adapt successfully, you need your people operating at their best, for them to be 'in flow'. So it's good to be clear on some of the key challenges for leaders with remote teams, and where to focus to help everyone get back to long-term high performance. Here are some of the top ones:

  • Collaboration and communication take a hit.
  • People feel lonely.
  • Synchronous work quickly goes out of the window. Asynchronous work is harder to manage, and current processes and technology don't always support this way of working.
  • It's hard to unplug.
  • The team is no longer visible. This impacts you as the team leader, and the rest of the team.
  • Levels of trust drop.
  • Clarity on what to work on and how is less clear. Prioritisation and team collaboration become more difficult to co-ordinate across the team.
  • People get 'Zoomed out'. Staring at people on a screen for long portions of the day can be a very 2-dimensional experience.
  • Whilst there are some fantastic platforms and apps that help co-ordinate remote work, beware the fact that these can start to 'invisibly' shape how we work. Not always for the better. Whilst they all have their pros, some have a tendency to create an 'always-on, always contactable' culture, which gets in the way of people doing deep, focussed work. One size does not fit all.
  • Giving feedback and having 'challenging' conversations becomes harder for most team leaders.
  • Onboarding new team members sometimes gets forgotten, which when working remotely has a very negative impact.

We can help

We partner with individual leaders, teams and groups of leaders to smooth the way when working remotely, and build the foundations for long-term high performance.

Typical areas leaders like to work on with us include:

  • How to build outstanding virtual collaboration when apart.
  • Staying productive and effective despite all the uncertainty.
  • Meeting psychological needs.
  • Create long-term remote team cohesion: everyone holding each other accountable and achieving collective results.
  • Build ongoing remote team alignment.
  • Manage asynchronous work.
  • Hold excellent virtual meetings.
  • Integrate new team members smoothly.
  • Present with Punch, Presence and Power, remotely.
  • Give team members fantastic quality of life.

1:1 Coaching

Working 1:1 with a leader, we tailor our approach to help you achieve your outcomes.

Typically this involves a series of calls, interspersed with actions to take with the team, and multimedia learning to complete at times that suit you.

Team Remote Workshops

Working with a team and their leader, typically on a specific project, for example the transition to remote working, or simply something the team are working on right now.

We are always focussed on making sure all we do is founded in THEIR work - that it's real for them, and that they can use the skills learned again and again.

Dedicated Programme for your Team Leaders

We run remote workshops for groups of Team Leaders who want to learn how to create high performing remote teams in the long-term.

Contact us for more information: we always tailor this programme to specific needs to make sure it's 100% right for you and your leaders.

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